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Web Solutions

Content Management Systems

We design a CMS that will be best fit for the lifestyle and needs of the person using it. It can take care of as many tasks for you as you need, or give you the maximum amount of control. Everyone has completely different needs. We charge a low hourly rate for all design services - and your quote will reflect the estimated time it will take to complete. We never charge for hours worked over the estimated time. Only if a project is over $1,000 will we even ask for a small deposit. Please contact me and tell me a little about your project. I would love to make your new project my next one.

Web Hosting

All of our websites are hosted on a dedicated server, so if you're expecting traffic, we can handle it. Hosting for non-commerce websites starts at $15/month. If you are looking for an e-commerce platform, our pricing is as follows: 1% of your stores total sales with a minimum of $10/month and a maximum of $50/month. So everything you do over $5,000 stays right in your pocket!

All of our sites follow Google's new requirements for mobile devices, meaning we will not charge you a dime extra for creating a mobile-ready website!

Business Systems Solutions

Computers running slow in the office? Let me guess - you want to run a report in QuickBooks and it takes forever, right? Yeah, go ahead - call a company that wants to sell you new equipment, and maybe, just maybe, they'll come out and set it up for you. After that's all said and done, you're going to be looking at about $1,000/system. Really?!? Did you even ask if they backed up your old data in that price? I doubt it. They'll mark that up.

We sell and distribute off-lease and refurbished systems at a fraction of the cost. Depending on the needs of your business, you'll be looking at $500 - $600 per system, and that includes setup, installation of software, backing up and restoring old data, and more. Why? We're not a-holes. That's why.

Oh, and we won't sell you a system that does not come with a warranty for at least a year. What are we, animals?