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We Do Tech CMS Relaunched!

by: Dan Orlovsky
Posted On: 7/26/2017 8:27:23 AM

The We Do Tech CMS has been Relaunched, and includes some core changes to improve functionality and user experience.

We Do Tech's Web Form's CMS is back!  After a couple of one-page layout sites, and a nopCommerce playground, the original CMS is back up and running!  The hiatus wasn't entirely by choice, and we're happy to announce that the road-blocks preventing us from using the CMS have been removed.

Two of the major changes made are:

  • Nested category ability
  • Contributor functionality

Nested categories will allow parent/child category relationships.  So, a parent category can be "Programming," and can have children such as: "C#," "ASP.NET," and "C++."  This will be useful for not only a Programming category, but also "Tutorials" and even "News."

The contributor functionality was always something I had in mind.  So far I have a way for a person to "request" becoming a contributor, and I can verify them from the back-end.  In the future, contributors will be able to use their own Adsense links so they can monetize their own content!  The problem at the moment is working around the page verification - and because of this my dream of this functionality may never come to fruition.

Dan Orlovsky

Self-taught full-stack developer and Visual Studio junkie specializing in C#, ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC), HTML5, and CSS3.  I design custom content management solutions for small-businesses looking to take control of their website.  Each project is built with the technical aptitude of the user in mind.

Currently a junior Software Design Engineer for a data company with a focus in Angular and C#.



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