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How to Pre-Order Your Sega Genesis Flashback.

by: Dan Orlovsky
Posted On: 7/28/2017 8:22:34 AM

Sega Genesis Flashback pre-orders start today, here are the links so you can get yours.

With the excitement building from the anouncement of AtGame's upcoming Sega Genesis Flashback console, pre-orders have finally begun.  For those not sure where or how to preorder, we will provide every place we can find with a direct link to the product.

Before we continue, I feel it's important to mention CNet's less-than-stellar review.  I'm pointing it out because I'm not sure how much of it is founded in ACTUAL comparrison to the classic console's gameplay as much as it is nostalgic memory.  Sometimes the gameplay was clunky and hardly responsive.  I also think the "lag" they complained about on the main menu had more to do with the console waiting for a button-release, rather than a button-press.  But I'm speculating, because I've only pre-ordered one there's no way for me to compare.  It would, however, be remiss of me to not point out the problems other AtGames Sega products had, detailed here at Sega Nerds.

With that out of the way, let's get to pre-ordering!

*These links will open in a new window*

Target Preorder Link
Best Buy Preorder Link


Gamestop was supposed to offer preorders, but we have yet to see it possible from their website.  Walmart will also probably carry it, but alas, preordering is not yet available.

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