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Content Management Enthusiasts

by: Dan Orlovsky
Posted On: 8/10/2017 1:41:07 PM

We are content management enthusiasts.

Content Management Enthusiast.  Sounds weird, right?  It also might sound weird to some how others collect stamps.  Where's the fun in that?  I took a 7 year hiatus from programming, and looking at different Blogging platforms got me back in.

I genuinely wanted to create a content management system of my own.  We Do Tech has been an ongoing project for a few years now, and still contains some of the first lines of code I ever wrote on this journey of mastering the management of content.  If I were to rewrite this blog platform today, it would look entirely different (at least on the inside).  However, I keep this project going because it has some sentimental value, and is essentially the reason I've written at least 10s of 1,000s of lines of code in the past 5 years.

Dan Orlovsky

Self-taught full-stack developer and Visual Studio junkie specializing in C#, ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC), HTML5, and CSS3.  I design custom content management solutions for small-businesses looking to take control of their website.  Each project is built with the technical aptitude of the user in mind.

Currently a junior Software Design Engineer for a data company with a focus in Angular and C#.



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